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November 2023:

Join Steve Chabinsky and Nick Coleman as they share their expertise in the area of Cybersecurity Risk Management and Oversight. Successful completion will earn attendees a Certificate of Competence from the Olin School of Business.

Course Description

Reliance on technology is at the heart of most every business. Yet a host of threats to digitized data and technology-enabled systems are poised to jeopardize even the most carefully crafted strategy. This dynamic requires all leaders to be competent in cybersecurity risk management.

Fortunately, you do not have to be a technologist in order to successfully oversee technology risk. This executive-level course is designed for business leaders and is taught by instructors with real-world, results-driven experience in both the government and private sector.

Completing this master class will provide you with a certificate of competence in cybersecurity risk management and oversight. You will gain the tools to reliably and confidently:

  • Identify and prioritize technology and digitalization risks
  • Use best practices to quantify technology-related security risks
  • Establish “reasonable” cybersecurity protocols in the context of your organization
  • Identify the roles of the C-Suite and board
  • Oversee and govern cybersecurity risk

This course will be held in four live virtual sessions and qualifies for up to two units toward the Certificate in Public Leadership (CPL) or Advanced Management Certificate (AMC).

Part 1: November 8 and 9, 2023—8:30–11:30 a.m. CST each day

Part 2: November 15 and 16, 2023—8:30–11:30 a.m. CST each day

1: Determining Cybersecurity Risk

You will learn how to discuss risk within the context of the threat environment, your organization’s vulnerabilities and the potential consequences of a negative incident. You will learn the essential elements of risk assessments, as well as how mature businesses prioritize and track their risk reduction efforts.

2: Addressing Cybersecurity Risk

You will learn how to apply internationally recognized frameworks to mitigate risk and oversee your organization’s cybersecurity posture. We’ll explore at length the question: “What is a reasonable cybersecurity program for my organization?” To answer that question, we will review a range of potential cybersecurity plans, policies and controls; discuss the financial aspects of budgeting for cybersecurity, including budgeting and accounting; and examine evolving legal standards.

3: Demystifying Cybersecurity Governance and Metrics

You will learn how organizations measure the success of their cybersecurity programs, and the role of oversight in ensuring that program plans have been effectively implemented, are delivering the desired results consistent with the organization’s risk appetite and are refined over time.

4: Applying What You’ve Learned

Through a scenario based on real-life events, you will actively participate in a tabletop exercise, allowing you to apply the skills you have learned throughout the class to isolate issues, identify challenges, and effectively respond to and recover from a major incident.