Cybersecurity is a Key Business Driver

You don’t need to speak geek to oversee cybersecurity. But, you do need to exercise control over this complex problem. We’re here to help.

Cyversant provides business leaders with the tools to manage cyber risk, and we can improve your success in as little as a single day. Cyversant events are interactive engagements that are uniquely tailored for your brand, and for your Board, C-Suite, and workforce.

Today’s corporate leaders are responsible for maximizing the value of products and services through the adoption of new technologies and the collection and analysis of big data. Companies that get this right are market leaders. Those that get it wrong stand to lose it all. The same holds true for today’s executives. Those who get it right are unstoppable. Those who get it wrong . . . well, why find out?

Cyversant has a passion for (1) quickly educating business leaders in cybersecurity risk mitigation techniques; (2) discussing corporate security controls for cost effective alignment with business objectives; (3) giving you the tools to establish your organization’s existing and emerging risk profiles; and (4) identifying how organizations can best assign corporate responsibilities that are appropriate to individual roles, skills, resources, and accountability.

In short, Cyversant’s mission is to help each client maximize success. At the corporate level, we help businesses expand their opportunities while accounting for the demands of cybersecurity. At the individual level, we foster the professional growth of business leaders in the emerging area of cyber risk management.

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